How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without The Sender Knowing

Snapchat is doing all it can to protect the data of its users. And one of the ways it does this is the screenshot notifications. The screenshot notification feature notifies a user that a screenshot of their pictures, videos, or status was taken by another user. This feature has made it quite uncomfortable to take screenshots of other users' snaps, knowing they will get a notification at once.

But, users can be happy that their pictures and videos are safe and will be permanently deleted after a while. This privacy feature has been appreciated by millions of users. It's not so fun, if you are the one on the other end, trying to take an innocent snap.

How To Take Screenshots On Snapchat Without The Sender Knowing 2022

It has become increasingly difficult to discover new tricks to outsmart the Snapchat screenshot notification feature. There are a few tricks we would suggest you try to take a Screenshot on Snapchat Without the other party knowing. Both iPhone and Android devices can use these tricks.

1. Use Another Smartphone

It is very much less likely for Snapchat to detect this trick. Instead of a direct screenshot, use another device to take a picture of the snap you want. Keep your hands steady to get a nice shot.

2. Screen Recording Tool

You can use the in-built screen record tool on your device to screen record a snap undetected. Open the snap you want to screen record and select the screen record to start recording.

However, the screen record trick is not always reliable. The sender might get a notification that you took a screenshot of their snap.

You can first test the screen record trick on your friend's snap with approval, to see if she will get a screenshot notification.

3. Third Party Screenshot Apps

Third-party apps are similar to the WhatsApp status savers. There are several apps you can use to take screenshots of snaps without tipping the screenshot notification.

Snapsaver is one of those third-party apps you can use to save snaps without tipping the screenshot notification feature.

Most third-party apps are not reliable and will trigger the screenshot notification feature.

4.  Google Assistant

 You can ask your Google Assistant to help you take a screenshot, just like you would ask for help in setting an alarm and other tasks.

Open the snap you want to screenshot and allow it to load properly. Next, turn off your Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, and Bluetooth and turn on the Airplane Mode. Take a screenshot of the snap. Still, on the Airplane Mode, leave the snap, and go to your "profile" icon in the upper right-hand corner. Tap on "settings". Under "Account Actions", select "Clear Cache", then select "Clear All." Once you have cleared the cache, close Snapchat and restart your phone at once. 


Snapchat finds it necessary to notify a user that a screenshot of their snap was taken. It keeps updating these features to detect all tricks from external help. It is their way of trying to protect their users' data, information, snaps, videos and pictures so it is not used wrongly.

If the user doesn't support the screenshot action, they can report whoever took the screenshot. You on the other end, might earn a ban or have your account deactivated for violating community rules.

Other apps are also taking the initiative to disallow screenshots to encourage users' data privacy.


1. Is it illegal to screenshot someone's Snapchat content?

It is not illegal to screenshot someone's Snapchat uploads. But, Snapchat sends a screenshot notification to the user, so the user is aware of the action taken. The user can decide to disallow the action by reporting the account or any other action, including suing the user for copyright infringement.

2. Can I delete a snap after sending it?

Yes, you can delete previous snaps you have sent. Long press the snap message and select the delete option. If the person hasn't opened the snap message, they won't see the message you sent. Although they will see the message that something was deleted.

3. Why does Snapchat include Screenshot notifications?

Snapchat cannot prevent you from taking screenshots. So, instead, it notifies the other user that a screenshot was taken.

4. Do the Screen record function notify users that a screenshot was taken?

The Screen recorder function doesn't notify users of your screen record action. But, it does for third party apps.

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