4 Magnificent Players Capable of Taking Over From Messi



The magic and natural touches on the ball by a player as phenomenal as Lionel Messi is considered irreplaceable by many observers in the world of football. Hence the thought or idea of having young players out play Messi anytime is the future is difficult to entertain.

It is imperative to note that players as good as Lionel Messi take decades to emerge especially considering Messi’s dominance in football, but from the performance of a few young football players, we may not be far from having another football messiah. Below are the list of a few up coming young football giant players emerging to take up the baton of dominance from Messi.


1. Mbappe: Kylian Mbappe as a young player has shown great potentials, and features of a player capable of dominating the world of football in the nearest future. At a young age, he has been on the list of nominations for some of the prestigious award in football like: Ballon D’or,  FIFA best player etc. Some of Mbappe’s achievements includes:
1. World cup winner(2018).
2. Highest goal scorer in French League.
3. Yongest player to reach 15 goals in UEFA Champions League.

2. Jadon Sancho: Sancho is another young player who has taken the world of European football by storm. Bundesliga Legend Lather Mathäus has this to say about Sancho “He is a natural footballer. A player who has everything: fantastic speed, great technique, a good eye for his colleagues and that key pass. For me he is a perfect player”. If you have watched Sancho do what he knows how to do best in the mid-field, you will agree with me that his position in the mid-field is a disaster to any opposition team. With consistency, he will continue to make waves in the world of football.

3. Billy Gilmour: This 18-years-old young star took Europe by surprise with his astonishing performance against Liverpool in an FA Cup match a few days ago. Billy Gilmour recorded a 77% pass accuracy in that match, and went on to be crowned ‘man of the match’. Some football fans now call him ‘new Xavi’ or the 360° mid-fielder. The 18-years-old Scottish citizen still has a long way to go, but believe me he has the tricks on his finger tips.

4. Ansu Fati: Camp nou really has a talented young player in the person of Ansu Fati. The young Barcelona forward have always courageously displayed his tremendous potentials anytime he is given a chance to play. In the last Champions League group stage match against Inter-Milan, we witnessed Ansu Fati dribbling the ball pass many Inter-Milan players and at the same time nutmegging the ball across their defence. He is already very relevant on the field at 17-years of age.

Awesome young talents, what is your opinion?



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