Berkeley Law School Scholarships and Fellowships in the USA



Berkeley Law School is among the University of California schools, and one of the Elite Law Schools in the UN. Berkeley Law School prepares both local and international lawyers for global practice by providing them with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of U.S. law.


Berkeley Law School currently offers three program track options that lead to the same Berkeley Law master’s of law degree: executive track, traditional track, and thesis track.

Every year, The Advanced Degree Programs Office from the Berkeley Law school offers different selective merit- or citizenship-based scholarships to excellent students who were admitted to study LL.M degree programs at Berkeley.

Eligibility Requirements:

Currently, the selection for the Berkeley Law School Scholarships is based on the review of student’s academic records and supporting documents included in the application. The Scholarships and Fellowships are limited and very competitive.

Scholarship Coverage:

The scholarships currently provide LL.M tuition fees and they can’t be used for travel expenses, housing, or any other related costs. Awards are applied directly through CalCentra.

All students need to arrange their finances so that they will be able to cover the costs of tuition, travel, as well as room and board before enrollment at Berkeley Law.

Available Scholarships:

Matching Consideration: All LL.M. Tracks.

ADP Scholarship for Students with Superior Academic Credentials.

Social Justice Scholarship.

African Legal Impact Scholarship.

Least Developed Countries Scholarship.

Global Reach Scholarship.

Young Lawyers Scholarship.

Latin America Scholarship.

How to Apply:

You don’t need to apply for the scholarships in a separate application form, all eligible admitted candidates will be directly considered for a scholarship.

The African Legal Impact and Matching Consideration Scholarships require an additional application;

Scholarship decisions will be made during the admission process and they will be emailed to the email address listed in the application form.

Apply from the Official Website:



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