Best Auto Insurance Companies in Colorado 2022

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Colorado 2022

According to our latest statistics, drivers have paid about $1,600 per year for car insurance for over one hundred years. Although it is not the highest in this country, it is 21% higher than the national average of $1,321.

Compared to the other insurance companies in our study, Colorado Geico has the best overall tariffs for drivers. The average level of this car insurance company is $1,020 per year, which is $300 less than the average state. Geico offers the cheapest car insurance premiums for most subregions we reviewed, including teens, young adults, and senior drivers and their drivers with speedy violations or bad credit records.

Although Geico often has the lowest rates, it isn’t the cheapest of all our subsects. Form of Employment Performance outperforms Geico in two categories, providing the lowest rates on record for accident drivers or DUIs. Colorado drivers tend to save progressively, as tariffs are among the highest of all states, and we reviewed each subcategory.


If you shop for car insurance, remember that rates vary, and the rates included in this study may not represent how much you will pay for insurance. The type and volume of coverage you choose, where you live, the type of vehicle you drive, and your credit score and driving record may be higher or lower than the national average.

With more than four million drivers in the state, it’s important to find quality car insurance in Colorado, according to the Market Data website and Statista Consumers. Equally important is finding that automatic coverage at affordable prices. On the Home Media Reviewer team, we found an estimated tariff for a full coverage policy of $1,119 per year or a full coverage policy of $93 per month. The table below shows Colorado’s estimated cheapest tariffs for car insurance premiums.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Colorado:

To determine the best car insurance provider in Colorado, we look at a regional customer satisfaction score, coverage options, and average rates across the state. Our first choice for Colorado car insurance is Geico, State Farm, USAA, Progressive, and Nationwide.

1. Geico – Editor’s Choice:

Geico ranks first in our national review of the best car insurance companies for reputation, availability, coverage, cost, and customer experience. The car insurance giant offers some of the lowest average rates available in Colorado, especially for younger drivers and those with poor credit.

Geico’s standard car insurance policy offers additional options, including emergency road services, rental replacement, and mechanical insurance (MBI).

2. State Farm – Top Popular Provider:

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the state form is the largest car insurance company in the country. This company is known for its high ranking and strength of customer satisfaction. State Forms offers several discounts for students and other young drivers.

In addition, Drive Safe, Savetum, and Steer Clear programs can help teen drivers and other high-risk drivers get a cheaper scope.

3. USAA – Low Rates for Military:

USAA usually offers the cheapest car insurance for good drivers and the fastest quarterly drivers in Colorado. However, company insurance policies are available only to military members, ex-servicemen, and their families.

In addition to various cheap scope and discounts, USAA offers casual advertising such as contingency and car replacement assistance.

4. Progressive – Low Rates for High-Risk Drivers:

Progressive is a good option for drivers who are looking for usage insurance. The Snapshot® Company Program reflects car insurance rates based on your driving, which means how and where you are protected will affect your payment. Most drivers get an automatic insurance discount to participate and receive an individual tariff on the update.

Progressive also offers several popular additional coverage options such as paying off loans/leases – entering compulsory insurance – and slaughter banks that can be deducted. Our team reached out to Progressive for comment on their low customer service score and did not receive a response.

5. Nationwide – Top Usage-Based Insurance:

Nationwide is one of the cheapest providers in Colorado, especially for people with a bad or new credit score on their driving record. Using company-based insurance, SmartMiles®, helps it stand out in the car insurance industry. With this program, you pay basic rates and mileage rates every month. This can be a good option for people who don’t travel or drive often.

What is the Cost of Auto Insurance in Colorado?

In the Shatabdi state, the driver pays a slightly higher rate for car insurance than in other states. Our research found that the estimated average tariff for full coverage car insurance in Colorado was $1,860 per year, or $155 per month, based on a 35-year driver profile as well as a clean driving record and good credit score. The national average is about 8% per year over $1,730.

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Colorado Auto Insurance FAQs:

Is Auto Insurance Required in Colorado?

Yes, all Colorado drivers must maintain insurance accountability. All policies should cover bodily injury and property damage coverage.

When Should I Get Auto Insurance in Colorado?

Before registering his vehicle with the Colorado DMV, the driver must purchase unique car insurance. Currently, drivers residing in the state must register their vehicles within sixty days of purchase. People who move to Colorado have ninety days to register their vehicles in the state.

How Much Is Auto Insurance in My City in Colorado?

Many factors affect car insurance rates, and your postal code is one of them. Colorado residents who live in Fort Collins, grocery stores, Boulder and Arvada can expect tariffs to be slightly lower, or $1,600 state average. Residents of other high-end Colorado states, such as Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, and Pueblo, can expect tariffs between $1,817 and $1,955, or 13% to 22% higher than the state average.

Remember that only your location does not affect your premium. Your rates may be higher or lower than the average country, depending on your vehicle, driving record, age, credit rating, and the amount of coverage you choose.



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