Best Auto Insurance Companies in Denver 2022

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Denver

Denver has full coverage and minimum responsibility for insurance. GEICO is also the cheapest option for speeding ticket drivers. USAA gives military members the cheapest tariffs. The Manigic ranking system recognizes the state form as the best company that balances services and power.

Our analysis found that State Farm, Denver, Colorado, has the lowest and cheapest tariffs for full coverage. State Form rates for coverage average a minimum of $50 per month, while the tariff is for full coverage of $92.

Denver has the largest population of all Colorado cities, resulting in higher car insurance rates. In all states, the average cost of car insurance is $72 per month, but in Denver the average cost is $91 -26% higher.


Best Auto Insurance Companies in Denver:



3. Travelers

4. Esurance

5. State Farm

While the full range of car insurance costs more than the minimum state insurance, it does offer a higher insurance limit. On average, full coverage car insurance is the cheapest insurance provider in Denver:

GEICO: $872 per year

Travelers: $1,012 per year

Military members can choose a policy from USAA, which is the cheapest in the city and costs about $686 per year. Full coverage car insurance is the most expensive insurance company for MetLife, costing $2,016 per year. Depending on your level of coverage and driving record, your rates may vary from this average.

Complete coverage of car insurance tariffs in Denver using a sample 40-year-old male driver with a car insurance policy. The details of policy limits are in our work. The minimum liability fee for car insurance is lower than for full coverage because it has fewer limits and does not include comprehensive insurance and conflict.

Full coverage car insurance policy coupled with state minimum insurance:

Comprehensive Insurance: This scope pays for damages caused due to theft, severance, and other non-accident incidents.

Competition Insurance: Covers damages to your car resulting from collisions with other vehicles or stationary goods.

You may consider purchasing minimum car insurance or state liability if you have an older vehicle because it is cheaper. Buying a full coverage policy means you may end up paying more in insurance premiums than the value of your old car.

Cheapest car insurance in Denver for minimum coverage:

Minimum state car insurance coverage is the cheapest in Denver. However, this error may not offer adequate coverage after an accident, and you may need to pay out of pocket to cover additional costs.

Car insurance providers with the average, cheapest minimum coverage in this city include:

GEICO: $377 per year

State Farm: $542 per year

USAA offers minimum car insurance for military members at approximately $297 per year. Progressive Denver is the most expensive insurance company, averaging $1,349 annually. It is almost four times more expensive than GEICO. The minimum country car insurance cost varies depending on several factors. Using the table below, see how rates vary within different scope limits.

Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Denver:

A driver living in Denver pays roughly the same amount for car insurance as the average driver in Colorado, and the tariffs are close to the national average. Car insurance rates in the city are $1,447, which is only $3 cheaper than the entire state average of $1,450. It is about 1.6% more expensive than the national average.

State Farm:

The cheapest tariffs for Denver residents caught driving under securities (DUI) stem from state agriculture. The driver of state farm costs that got a DUI quote and who has a speeding ticket at the same level: $1,202 per year for full coverage. This makes the country’s level of agriculture 77% cheaper than the average city for DUI drivers, which is $5,156 annually.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with Bad Credit – GEICO:

GEICO has the cheapest tariffs for drivers with low credit scores, followed by state and national figures. The tariff for this driver is $3,949 per year for full coverage, but the three companies’ tariffs are affordable at $1,248, $1,191, and $393 each. Tariffs vary greatly, depending on the credit score in Denver. We found that drivers with excellent credit pay $2,173, while those with average credit make $2,662 – 45% and 33% less than drivers with poor credit.

Factors That Impact Insurance Costs in Denver:

In addition to the needs and histories of individual drivers, location-specific factors such as the percentage of terrible drivers and the level of fatal accidents also contribute to the level of car insurance in Denver. Ranking Denver in comparison to the 300 most populated cities in the United States can have a significant impact on premium costs.

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Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers – State Farm:

The 18-year Denver driver rate for our sample is 178% higher than the adult driver level in our sample. However, this rapid growth is not unique to Denver; Young drivers typically pay more than adult drivers. Denver has some of the cheapest tariffs for young drivers of state agriculture, followed by Geico and Allstate. The average cost of full coverage car insurance for teen drivers in Denver is $9,809, but our analysis found that all three companies charged tariffs 67%, 24%, and 10% cheaper than this average.



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