Best Auto Insurance Companies Ontario 2022

Best Auto Insurance Companies Ontario

You can save money for premiums and claims by finding the best car insurance in Ontario. Ontario is part of San Bernardino County, one of the fastest-growing regions in the Southern California Basin. Since 2011, vehicle registrations in this country have increased by 16%, which exceeds California’s 11% increase. Unfortunately, the number of victims of traffic collisions has also increased. Since 2019, vehicle-related deaths have increased by 32%. There has been a 46% increase in bicycle injuries and deaths, potentially due to disrupted driving. Finding the cheapest car insurance in Ontario can help provide you with enough coverage to protect you from all dangers on the road.

Best Auto Insurance Companies Ontario:

The following four operators are a good combination of Ontario’s cheapest car insurance and customer rankings. We use a bank quote from over 20 Ontario sector insurance providers to find the cheapest careers. We choose an insurance company with good customer reviews to narrow down the list. The JD Power customer satisfaction study is significant as it is based on policyholder reviews about the claims, communication, and coverage process.



AAA is renowned for providing roadside and rope services to its 61 million members across the country. For the membership cost, you just get more rope – AAA car insurance is also available. Carrier Policy offers the cheapest car insurance Ontario rates. Customer service is not rejected for low prices. AAA ranks third in the JD Power Car Insurance Study regarding customer satisfaction.


Because of its small market share, JD does not rank Grange Insurance in the California study. There are only eight complaints in a year, citing the Insurance Complaints Index from the National Insurance Commissioners Association. That’s slightly above average, but the second-lowest minimum car insurance level at the Grange in Anaheim makes up for complaints. By focusing on what’s doing well, you’ll get minimal accountability and full car insurance and gap coverage, and insurance for high-functioning voice equipment and specialty accessories.


Geico has the lowest full coverage tariff. Full coverage is generally more expensive because it includes comprehensive insurance and collision insurance to your vehicles. If you drive a used or low-vehicle vehicle, you can get treated with a minimum of low-car insurance. But if you have a higher model vehicle or a property you want to protect financially, full coverage car insurance may be your best bet.


Wawanesa is the #1 insured in terms of customer satisfaction in the JD Power Studies for California. The carrier is based in Canada and does not have an office in California, but the website is robust enough to handle most of your car insurance needs online. Some of the optional coverage available, including replacement parts, uses basic insurance and rentals from automakers that can increase your vehicle rental allowance if you want to rent a larger or more expensive vehicle. At the same time, your car is in the store for that reason. It is closed. Ontario drivers should be getting the coverage they are looking for with Wawanesa.

Cheapest car insurance in Ontario:

To estimate how much car insurance costs in Ontario, don’t take the following data:

The average annual fee for car insurance in California is $733 for minimum car insurance and $2,065 for full coverage.

The national average is $1,674 per year.

Remember the following tariffs for the cheapest and largest carriers in Ontario by market share. When shopping for car insurance, they can give you an idea of ​​whether you pay more than average coverage. Unless you have a history of accidents and tickets or are a young driver, your rates should be relatively close to banking findings.

AAA has several nearest chapter offices in Upland and Chino if you want to meet with a local agent. Geico and MERCURY usually offer the lowest insurance tariffs. Both commuters and progressives have a variety of optional coverage such as rideshare insurance, gap coverage, and the replacement of new cars.

Ontario insurance requirements:

It is important to the state of California that all vehicle owners, including those living in Ontario, must have minimum liability coverage. If you get a new vehicle, the $5,000 in property damage coverage doesn’t cover the cost, leaving you responsible for a $5,000 loss. In addition, your lender or leasing company may require you to bring full car insurance, including comprehensive motor driver insurance, collision, and abandoned/insured persons. California insurance requirements are:

$15,000 in death and/or bodily injury per person

$5,000 for property damage per accident


Our team evaluates 25 insurance companies and collects thousands of data points before selecting our top options. We weigh eight criteria and give additional weight to those with a more significant impact on potential customers.


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Popularity is chosen based on factors such as average annual premium (25% weight), pricing in pricing (15%), and regional availability (15% weight). We also missed other important features for buyers, including complaint scores, consumer satisfaction reports from JD Power and Consumer Reports, and the company’s loss ratio.



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