Best Car Insurance Companies in Ontario 2022

Best Car Insurance Companies in Ontario

There are approximately 12 million registered vehicles in Ontario, and only 11 million people are currently driving. Long story short, if you are an adult living in Ontario, you have a high chance of needing car insurance. But you may see a dozen ads from different insurance companies every week, and they all say that they are the best, that they offer the best rates, and that if you have to claim for them to offer you the best service.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Ontario:

1. Allstate:

Allstate was originally established in the state of Illinois in 1931. After Canadian expansion in 1953, the Company eventually became one of the first car insurance companies in Ontario, headquartered in Markham, Ontario. AllState offers several discount programs. Car bundling and property insurance or multiple vehicles insured empowered policyholders. Allstate also offers discounts to those who use anti-depressant devices on their vehicles or who apply winter tires.


Ontario special discounts include rewards for students under 25 who have good academic records or residents with a private drive or garage at their residence. Lastly, AllState long-customers also qualify for a discount on their policies. The Company offers a program known as the Good Hands Network, which ensures that policyholders can contact claims adjusters or brokers through various channels 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Policyholders may communicate via the Company’s website in person or over the telephone.

2. Aviva:

Aviva Canada provided a policy to over 3 million people in Canada and was one of the largest insurance companies in the country. The Company offers several discounts for policyholders who install an automatic emergency brake system that lasts three years without punishment or retirement and purchase certain policies with the Company.

Aviva Canada offers earning programs such as lost deductibles, determination protection, roadside assistance, guarantees that Aviva settles your claims, and satisfying travel hassles related to rental cars, hotel accommodation, and service acquisition. Will be Aviva allows you to submit an online claim or by telephone. The Company does not make any applications at this time. However, representatives are contacted by telephone every day of the week, round the clock.

3. Belairdirect:

Belairdirect started in 1955 in Ontario and Quebec. Eventually, the Company’s reach spread across Canada. Belairdirect made history in 1997 when it became the first North American insurance company to offer online bids. Since then, they have continued to look for ways to provide new and higher-quality services to their members. Belairdirect offers some of the cheapest Canadian auto insurance and wants to be one of the cheapest car insurance companies in Ontario. They also offer a variety of discounts to the policyholders.

Members must receive discounts when they combine home and auto insurance, have multiple auto insurance policies with companies, or have a safe driving record. The Company also receives group tariffs for those seeking insurance through companies or other types of unions. Other programs offered to policyholders include automatic presentation programs and accident disregard for accidents at the first fault of the driver. Belairdirect provides members to communicate with the Company. Policyholders can use online claim tracking services to check the status of their claims.

4. Canadian Auto Association (CAA):

The Canadian Auto Association (CAA) was established in 1974. The CAA provides auto insurance to more than six million Canadians. The Company offers members several discount programs. This exemption applies to people with multiple vehicle policies with the CAA, participate in the CAA Connect program, or put snow tires on their vehicles. The CAA Connect program rewards members who are driving their vehicles safely.

The Company provides them with a small tool to monitor the driving of participants attached to their cars, who oversee their driving habits. The CAA also provides for a preceding and forgetting scheme, which allows drivers to obtain pardons for vehicle accidents. CAA has an application that stores member insurance information. Members can also contact the Company directly, look for roadside assistance, find a gas station nearby, and research quotes for new vehicle batteries.

5. Desjardins Insurance:

Desjardins was founded in 1900 as a credit union in Quebec. In addition to acting as a banking institution, Desjardins provides various products and services, including car insurance policies. Members store a variety of auto insurance policies, burn home and vehicle insurance, use certified winter tires, drive safe, obtain vehicle financing through Desjardin, and are electric vehicle owners or fuel. Become proficient with a variety of discounts that meet the requirements. Hybrid.

While Desjardins has an application, a service that makes it more capable of performing financial and banking functions, this application does not offer various services related to vehicle insurance policies. However, Desjardins is available for telephone contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

6. Echelon:

Echelon Insurance was established in 1998, and became a member of the CAA family group in 2019. As a leading features insurance company, Echelon works with its brokerage partners to provide personal and commercial insurance solutions for a Canadian family and business protection. They offer specialized products, tortuous services, sophisticated price analysis, and specific risks.

Individual lines include features of individual lines sold by car brokers, non-standard cars, motorbikes, antique and classic vehicles, trailers, motorcycle homes and recreational vehicles, and personal housing products. Their Commercial Path account offers specialized insurance programs distributed through public institutions, extended guarantees, creditors insurance, high premium assets, primary and additional liability coverage, and management of legal expenses.

7. Intact:

Complete Insurance was originally established in 1809. In the 1950s, a Dutch conglomerate bought a company. Later, in 1991, the Company joined NMB Postbank, and an ING Group was formed. Intact is Canada’s largest vehicle, home, and business insurance provider. The Company insured more than five million individuals and businesses. Intact offers discounts to customers participating in its driver education program and adds to their home and car insurance. Police with good driving habits also qualify for the My Driving Discount Program. This program uses the My Company Driving application.


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This application collects information about drivers, such as their travel days and acceleration and braking rates. This application helps drivers to monitor their habits and enables companies to collect information related to driver safety for discount and leveling purposes. Interact also offers Insurance for recreational vehicles such as motorbikes, ships, snowmobiles, or RVs. The policies provided for this vehicle are per certain vehicles of each customer. The Company also provides coverage for identity theft and liability.



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