Best Home Insurance Companies in Canada 2022

Best Home Insurance Companies in Canada

If you are a homeowner in Canada, there is a possibility that you have spent a lot of time perfecting the principle behind home insurance. What’s special is that everyone needs it. Others are open to thought and debate from the different providers of policies available. The good news is that there is an official list of the best Canadian home insurance company.

Thanks to J.D. Power’s annual survey of these companies from these companies, the responsible homeowner in Canada can now find leading insurance providers across the country and is thus based on hard facts. The following is more about this and how to determine the best home insurance company.

Best Home Insurance Companies in Canada:

Finding the right home insurance to meet your needs can seem like a struggle, especially with all the available options. Read below for every insurance company review and facts.


RBC Insurance

RBC Insurance is backed by one of the leading banks in Canada. As an RBC customer at this point, it might seem like a logical choice for home insurance. However, RBC Insurance is not directly managed by RBC Bank. To obtain this, you will need to contact an insurance agent over the phone or visit an RBC insurance store location. Communication with a different company division is a shared experience, but in this case, RBC sold its insurance sector to Aviva in 2016. RBC still endorses and advertises RBC Insurance, but Aviva handles the administration.

This creates a minor hurdle for a confusing partnership customer, including the need to call and cancel Insurance separately from the mortgage, even if your mortgage is through an RBC. While RBC Insurance has all the luxury of large insurers, they do not have the customer service available to large Canadian banks. However, Aviva somehow made efforts to highlight RBC Insurance customer satisfaction. They don’t have green coverage to increase energy savings on claims, and they don’t offer home-sharing options for Insurance.


As a Canadian company founded in Quebec, Belairdirect is known for its excellent customer service. With insurance packages for homes, cars, and travel, Belairdirect offers an excellent discount bundle on many insurances. With online claims policies and management, Belairdirect eliminates the need to call for little attention, speeding up claim deadlines. This may be a drawback for those who want private services, but allow BellerDirect to offer competitive tariffs and attractive discounts. The non-coverage option, Belairdirect, only offers home insurance in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brainswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia.

TD Insurance

TD Insurance is a bank insurance division. It is considered safe and reliable due to being owned and operated by one of the major banks in Canada. TD Insurance offers basic insurance packages that cover common problems that cannot be insured, and they have advanced home protection for those who want the best coverage. New customers will automatically get 5% off their policy when registering for home insurance online with TD Insurance.

This slim application process is part of the TD Insurance business model as they do not have a physical location to obtain Insurance. This can be a huge advantage for some but may be attractive to those who want a personalized service experience. Reviews for TD Insurance customer service aren’t great, with the most common problem being how long it takes to reach a customer service agent over the telephone.

Desjardins General Insurance

Desjardins General Insurance opened in Quebec in 1944 and has become a well-known name in the province. They now offer home insurance in Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. Operating in only three provinces, Desjardins General Insurance managed to become the third largest insurance agent in Canada. In 2015, Desjardins General Insurance acquired State Farm Canada Insurance, increasing its presence in the industry. They offer an exceptional home insurance package at a reasonable price with increased proposition at additional cost.

By having a home protection system, you may be entitled to a discount on home insurance with Desjardins General Insurance. In addition, Desjardin gave a tariff release without claims. Like most insurance companies, the biggest customer complaint is the timeliness of customer service. If not, Desjardins General Insurance is a great company with a great reputation, and it comes highly recommended as an alternative to getting the lowest quotes possible.

Aviva Insurance

Aviva Insurance has been an independent insurance company in Canada since 1999. It has been developed to serve only 1 million customers across the country. They come with a great basic package and any ads you want to include. Aviva is considered a reliable company with more than twenty years in business. The biggest concern with Aviva is customer service, as most insurance companies. However, Aviva lags slightly behind every other company due to complaints about long processing times for claims. They have a simple online application that can get your quote in less than five minutes.

Johnson Insurance

Founded in St. John, Newfoundland, in 1880, Johnson Insurance opened the way for the first time in Canadian Insurance to offer monthly payment options. In 1960, it was the first insurance company to offer bundled benefits with monthly charges. Today, the Canadian company sold the U.K. The headquarter is with the insurance company RSA Insurance Group. With online operations throughout Canada, except Nunavut, they are still focused on home insurance, with most offices in the Maritime Provinces. This is a company known to have more local roots.

Intact Insurance

Intact, the largest Canadian insurance operator, has over four million customers nationwide. They have a 30-minute guarantee for claims, which means that when you call, you will be connected to the agent and your claim starts in 30 minutes. It’s a nice touch and promises customers who get wait times for customer service with other insurance companies. While 30 minutes may not be fast, many people can be relieved by having a known and realistic timeline. Whole Insurance has one of the best online rankings for customer service and is quick to respond and complete negative reviews and complaints. Due to a nationwide presence, intact does not offer all insurance options in each province, which can be a problem for those who want to combine services.


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The Co-operators

Cooperatives, companies wholly owned and operated by Canada, are true cooperatives owned by their members. It is the 5th largest insurance company in Canada. With consistent customer satisfaction, customers can claim over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Company tariffs are higher than insurance companies, but better services may make it acceptable to many customers. Free quote and made online if you want to compare price. Cooperatives do not provide additional lifetime expense insurance if you claim and vacate from your home.



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