Best Luggage Tracker for Android 2022

Best Luggage Tracker for Android

Smart GPS baggage tracker is still very popular for a good reason. Who wants to lose his luggage and be at the mercy of the airline? With so many technologies available today, many smart luggage trackers can help us keep our items safe and put the power back in our hands. After all, you don’t want to lose all your clothes or an expensive travel laptop (if you’ve checked it). After all, you’re not on a survival mission with your backpack and tent!

Best Luggage Tracker for Android:

Apple AirTag:

AirTag Apple allows you to track your belongings in real-time. The one-tap setting is handy for those who shun technology. You simply connect your AirTag to your iPhone or iPad and can track accessories (or other items you attach to them) via Ultra Wideband technologies. You can put in lust mode a breeze and be automatically notified when detected via the Find Me network. Communications on the Find Me network are encrypted for privacy, and location data is not stored. AirTag is compatible with iPhone 11 and 12 models. More than 84% of the more than 55,400 users at Amazon give AirTag 5 stars.

Dynotag Web Enabled Luggage Tracker:

This baggage tracker gives you peace of mind with whatever item you attach. It is designed to run and does not require battery services or a subscription. Instead, it works through a web browser, and you simply set it up on your cellphone or computer. The tag contains a QR code; an email will be received when someone scans your code. The information includes the time and place where the tracker is viewed.


Critics say the tags “durable” and “easy to regulate” ensure they never worry about getting lost while traveling. Others like it; they buy more tags for valuable items and use them as a tracking devices for their pets.

Americaloc 300 Mini Portable Tracker:

GPS trackers are expensive but very effective. It can be used for goods, vehicles, people, and other assets. A subscription fee costs $25 per month, but the more time you buy, the cheaper the payouts. Tracking offers 17 days of battery life before it requires the ability to track items from a computer or telephone and to install an Android or iOS application.

Trakdot Smart Luggage Tracker Review:

The second serious competitor Trekdot is similar to Lugloka but with some differences. It’s also a cellular tracking/GSM with cellular applications that you need to download to your iPhone or Android phone. It also comes equipped with Bluetooth capability, which can help you locate where your hard-sided items are. And it also has a quiet vibrating mode that lets you know if you’re getting closer.

Once again, that includes the all-important Smart Flight Mode, which stays on when it’s in the air and on again when it’s on. This guy has this bonus of sending you the order (email or SMS) when your luggage is located on the device. So, while you wait for your luggage to arrive, you get a message that everything is fine!

Once again, you have to register for their services after the initial free period; in this case, it’s $20 or $50 per year for a lifetime. Check with them before you buy, as it can easily change between this and when you read this! The battery life of this device is very less than compared to Luglok. 48 hours (enough for long-haul flights) but some of the Amazon reviews I’ve read report less than 24. This problem can be compared to a very long Lugalok life.

It’s a great little helper with a messaging service that can help you know what happens when you land. If that’s what you want, it’s a good option. And with annual service or lifetime, a good choice for frequent travelers.

Tile Pro – Smart Tracker:

The Tile Pro isn’t built to be a trunk tracker, but it’s small enough and versatile enough to be used as one. It only uses Bluetooth technology, so you’ll have to be close enough to the device to find it – 150 meters or 400 feet. However, they allow you to use a “Tile network,” meaning other Tile users can be anonymous when near your device. So, even if your stuff turns out to be “wild,” you’ll still be able to find it. This is a functionality that Apple has more or less copied in the Air Tag.

It’s more of a “fixed location” device and not much of a “have my stuff” device like the others above. As such, it depends on what track you want. Or, you can use it as an added protection for the Trackdots above that don’t come with Bluetooth, especially because the tiles are cheap, around $20-30.

The tile system is fairly simple and comes together with the application to help trace the “cheese” used. Accuracy depends on who you’re talking to, but it’s a nice addition to protect your items, especially if you have expensive equipment. (Think camera equipment, drones, skiing, surfboards, etc.).

Because it’ll be used as a cellphone, key, or pet tracker, it’s also equipped with an alert sound that you can activate to help you track down what you’ve placed on the Tiles. The batteries last about a year and can be replaced – they use a CR2032 battery, a standard solution you can get anywhere.

You can also get it in 1, 2, or 4 packages, or if you want to spend a little less, you can get a standard model with a shorter range (about 200 feet). They also have a QR code like a dyno tag (front), so if you hang it on your luggage tag, you have two ways to find it.

How Do Luggage Trackers Work?

Depending on which of the three main technologies work with your tracker, all work a little differently. However, in most cases, they will be used in combo with the special tracker application on your mobile so that you can track them in the application.

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The accuracy of the location depends on the technology used and in the case of your Bluetooth being close to the tracker. GSM tracking uses cellular towers to locate devices, so it’s not super accurate. GPS trackers are much more accurate (with GPS capable of accuracy) but depend on the software and technology involved.



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