Canadian Agricultural Job Opportunities Simplified – Even Your Kids Can Do It



Canadian Agricultural Job Opportunities Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Canada is one of the countries that cannot boast of its vast agricultural manpower because most of its citizens did not choose agriculture as a source of livelihood.


Due to an increase in demand for agricultural job offers available for foreign workers willing to take the advantages of agriculture jobs in Canada.

According to the Canadian Immigration Department, foreigners with skill in agricultural labor that are interested in working in farms can apply for the numerous job vacancies in the agricultural department.

These are some of the available job offers for foreigners in the Canadian Agricultural Industry:

Applicant Profile:

Job Type: Agricultural Sector

Job Location: Canada

Eligible Nationalities: All Countries

Minimum Educational Qualification: Secondary / High School Certificate

Working Experience:  Experienced and New Farmers

Minimum Wage: $18.49/hour

Employee Benefits: Available based on package

Currently Available Farming Job Types In Canada

Fruit Picker

Cattle Ranch Laborer

Poultry Farm Worker

Beef Cattle Farm Worker

Dairy Farm Worker

General Farm Worker

Farm Machinery Operator

Hatchery Operator

Vegetable Farm Worker

Harvester Machine Operator

How To Find And Apply For Available Farm Jobs In Canada

Many believe farming is for peasants who are ready to spend hours working under the scorching sun for little money, and not a modern job opportunity.

But, this is not the case here because farming is an important and advanced job with machineries that helps with reducing farming stress and increasing work productivity.

As you know, Canada is a technologically advanced country with lots of farming equipment readily available for foreigners interested in working in the agricultural industry.

A lot of people looking for a farming job in Canada can find and apply for any farming job on the Canadian Job Bank for Agricultural job listing.

How Much Do Foreigners Earn As Farm Workers In Canada?

There are numerous factors that determine how much you can earn as a farmworker in Canada. Some of these factors include;

The Type of farming job.

Employer contract.

Working hours

Working experience.

Currently, the minimum wage for people working in the Canadian agricultural sector is $18.50 per hour, so, if you work for 8 hours every day, you will be able to earn $148 daily which is $740 weekly (excluding Saturday and Sunday),  $2,960 monthly, and $35,520 annually.

Visit job bank or click here to apply for the latest agricultural job in Canada.



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