$FATHER launched by DogeFather Team


The DogeFather team is pleased to announce the release of its token, the $FATHER. The team considers itself “a Father authority which creates decentralized framework which looks after DeFi with 4 key structures – DEX Swap, GameFI, Launch Pad, and Charting.”

The $FATHER token is decentralized. Although the DogeFather team leads the development, it acts as a decentralized autonomous organization. The team explained that “by creating DogeFather, we dreamed of a community where there would be little to no violence because the physical and real identities of people would be obscured from public knowledge, this community would have no need for a government.”

DogeFather Sections

1. dGames

Through its play-to-earn GameFi, DogeFather’s goal is to turn its regular users into a major factor behind its major decisions by turning them into a governing force. It is a player-owned system backed by governance token and represented as various game assets.


The team further explained that “each governance token gives its owner the power to take part in the game’s development and internal fund allocation.” They can also share in the game’s revenue as a player and investor.

2. dChart

dChart is the team’s pool explorer and DeFi tools on Binance Smart Chain. Via the platform, users can monitor ongoing trading and analyze a project during its launching process and afterwards. The available information will speed up your decision-making process and give you the token’s comprehensive view, helping you to understand every metric that will influence your decision making.

Thus, you can effortlessly monitor price movement and trading action in real time, search pairs across multiple decentralized exchanges with ease, and use available tools such as indicators, lines, and toggle between multiple time frames.

3. dSwap

dSwap is a decentralized exchange aggregator that will “provide a deeper pool of liquidity for traders who want to trade large amounts of digital tokens. ” This offers them a platform where they can receive a better execution price with a decentralized aggregator than they will get from a single DEX.  Thus, you can fill several trades on a wide range of liquidity pools with ease.

4. dPad

dPad is the project’s dMoney Launch Pad, a decentralized IDO platform for the Binance Smart Chain Network. It is designed to empower crypto projects with liquidity-raising and tokens-distributing abilities.


DogeFather boasts some features that the team considers crucial to the projects’ growth and appreciation. Some of these awesome features are:

  • Experienced and Professional Team

DogeFather is the product of a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in their chosen career, headed by Shawn Wickens, a multitalented visionary leader.

  • Low Transaction Tax

A measly 1% of the transacted sum is charged as tax and will be shared among holders.



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