How To Apply For Canadian Human Resources Manager Job


If you are planning to work in Canada as a human resources manager. Then you are reading right I will because I will explain how you can apply for the position of human resources manager as a foreigner in 2022.

There are several demands for Human Resources Managers in Canada, you are eligible to apply from outside Canada through the Canadian Government’s Immigration program as a human resources manager that wants to move to Canada.

Currently, the occupations list, often known as the NOC list, includes human resources managers (National Occupation Code List). 0112 is the code for foreigners that want to work as human resources managers in Canada.


As a result, if you want to work as a human resources manager in Canada, all you have to do now is make sure you meet all of the requirements outlined in this article.

I will explain all the necessary information that you need to know in this article. You need the right information to become a human resources manager in Canada.

What do human resources managers do?

Human resources managers are in charge of planning, directing, controlling, and evaluating an organization’s human resources and personnel departments.

Human resources managers create and implement policies, procedures, and programs that are related to human resource planning, recruitment, collective bargaining, training and development, occupational classification, and pay and benefit administration.

Human resources managers represent management and serve in a variety of joint committees so that the relationship between management and employees remains strong.

Human resources managers work in the business and public sectors.

Human resources manager is an examples of jobs under Human resources manager under NOC 0112

Human Resources Managers that want to work in Canada under NOC category 0112 may be employed under the following job titles:

Classification and compensation chief

Human resources development director

Employee benefits director

Benefits manager

Vocational training director – human resources

Pensions and benefits manager

Pay-processing division director – government services

Training chief

Wage and salary administration manager

Personnel administration manager

Disability management program manager

Employment manager

Labor relations director

Health and safety coordinator

Staff training and development manager

Pay and benefits manager

Official languages manager

Occupational training director – human resources

Training and development manager

Employer-employee relations manager

Industrial relations manager

Employee benefits manager

Occupational health and safety manager

Employment equity chief

Personnel chief

Human resources development and planning director

Employment equity director – human resources

Occupational health and safety director

Compensation manager

Personnel services director

Salary research and administration manager

Employment equity manager – human resources

Personnel training and development manager

Human resources director

Recruiting manager

Job evaluation and salary research manager

Staffing chief

Resources language training director

Personnel director

Labor relations manager

Human resources management director

Human administrator

Staff training and development chief

Official languages chief

Chief safety officer – occupational health and safety

Staff training coordinator

Pay services director – human resources

Human resources manager

Personnel manager

Pay and benefits director

Human resources planning manager

Staff relations manager

Personnel and industrial relations director

Recruiting director

Personnel services manager

Staff relations chief

Employment equity manager – human resources

Duties of human resources manager

Human resources managers are responsible for these following responsibilities: 

Human resources departments plan, organize, direct, control, and assess their operations.

In collaboration with other departmental managers, plan human resource requirements.

Organize and coordinate internal and external training and recruitment efforts.

Create and implement

Labor-management policies and processes, negotiate collective bargaining agreements.

Human resources managers manage programs for personnel development, language training, and health and safety. Likewise, they help to provide advice and assistance to other departmental managers about the interpretation and implementation of personnel policies and initiatives.

Human resources managers ensure that vocations are classified and rated correctly.

Human resources managers participate actively in various committees and organize and conduct employee information meetings on employment policy, benefits, remuneration and more.

Human resources manager oversees the company’s quality management program.

Human resources managers ensure that laws such as the Pay Equity Act are followed.

Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a human resources manager

As a foreigner that wants to work as a woman resources manager in Canada, you need to meet a number of basic and particular standards.

General requirements to work in Canada

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a foreign worker, you need to meet the following requirements:

Language requirements

Your partner’s ability

Age requirements

Work experience

Education requirements


Arranged employment

1. Language

You need to demonstrate that you have the knowledge of the Canadian language in the areas of speaking, writing, reading, and listening before you can immigrate to Canada as a worker.

As a result, you need to take an exam to prove it. This exam is available in English or French.

2: Your partner’s ability / Skills

Your spouse’s or partner’s work experience, skills, language proficiency, and age can help you immigrate to Canada as a human resources manager. Because, if your spouse worked or lived in Canada, you will have a better chance.

3 Age requirements

Age is one of the factors to take into consideration while planning to immigrate to Canada as a worker is your age. All workers in Canada must be at least 18 years old.

As a result, you need to be that age before you can immigrate to Canada to work. In Canada, all workers must be at least 18 years old.

Although, employers can use underage children on rare occasions with the authorization of Canadian authorities.

4 Work experience

Your employment experience is very important when it comes to applying for a human resources manager position in Canada from outside Canada.

Canada employers need anyone with sufficient work experience. Other programs, on the other hand, are available.

5. Education requirements

Before you are able to work in Canada as a woman resources manager you need to call let her place your secondary school education.

That means you must have completed your secondary education. Some jobs, however, necessitate a college or university diploma.

6. Adaptability

You can’t work in Canada if you are unable to adapt to the weather or working conditions. So you must submit a medical certificate stating that you are medically fit to work in Canada.

7. Arranged employment

You can immigrate to Canada as a worker if you have a genuine job offer, which is arranged employment.



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