Top 10 Best Companies List for Bike Insurance in UK

Top 10 Best Companies List for Bike Insurance in UK

Bike Insurance in UK: There are a dozen motorcycle insurance providers in the UK. How can you compare it to find the best motorcycle company for it? While some bicycle insurance experts and big names dominate the market, they are all slightly different. To help you choose the best motorcycle insurance company for your needs, we have compiled a list of the top ten motorcycle insurance companies in the UK (based on customer features and services) and what is special about each of them. Explain.

Our Functions section explains how we run it. Companies like Lexham and Swinton are worth considering, even if they aren’t in the top ten because none of them have been rated by Defacto, But both are ranked at 4.3 by customers, making them a solid choice.

Top 10 Best Companies List for Bike Insurance in UK:

Compare Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Companies:

Nimblefins is, for sure, the best motorcycle insurance company in the UK based on analysis from Devitt and Bemoto, showing that they are the best ranked by customer reviews and independent ratings and cost. LV = Placed as third best.


We compare quotes and find that the Davit is the cheapest for a scooter with a smaller 125cc engine, which uses a lower price combination and extra volume (extra is the amount you pay for claims) . The Bemoto, a relative, is similar to the competitor of the larger motorbike. Some companies offer reduced offers for 1250cc bicycles, but policies come with more than 2x competitive offers, making them less competitive despite lower premiums (such as Lexham). Where you live, the number of bicycles you ride will vary your price depending on your driving history and other factors.

Top 10 Best Companies List for Bike Insurance in UK:

Each British motorcycle insurance company offers customers a very different experience. For example, cheap motorcycle insurance companies like DeWitt may get cheaper quotes. In contrast, other companies may get standard (for example, EU, closing helmets and leather) and even more experience, such as Experiences like concession track days. It can offer robust features. You should know about these companies before deciding which is best for you.

1. Devitt:

Devitt UK is a very popular motorcycle insurance specialist broker, for a good reason. Firstly, they are the oldest motorcycle specialist in the UK and have been very highly positioned customers for over 80 years (since 1936!) and are highly positioned by their customers, as more customers in Trustpilot Get 4.7 out of 5 per subscriber from 15,000 customers. They can usually offer a very competitive price – if not the cheapest quote, they are usually one of the cheaper covers available, although it may not be for everyone.

So that the price is lower, the policy is relatively withdrawn, so you can adjust your policy by adding additional coverage such as legal aid, helmets, and additional scopes such as leather and personal accidents. And a small proportion of customers with very few bad experiences (only 3%), which is a good sign for anyone considering buying policies from them. Lastly, all of their defacto ranking products are awarded 5 stars, indicating that this policy provides a range of solid infrastructure (their ‘growth’ products, with products including the most standard features.)

2. BeMoto:

A relative newcomer (founded in 2015 by two bicycle fanatics), Bemoto has the highest TrustPilot scores (from 5 to 4.8 stars) and few customer complaints (also 3%). However, there are fewer customer reviews to trust here (800 less than 800 at the time of writing). Regarding how their product stacks up to basic features, we see a de facto score for their policy—they have a 5-Star Ranked Product (Titanium) and a 4-Star Ranked Product (Carbon).

3. Bikesure:

The largest specialist motor insurance broker Bikeshore UK is an Adrian Flux motorcycle insurance specialist arm. The bicycle can cater to Sareen, Short-lived, Classic, Gray Imports, Young Drivers, and other niche products. The new Defaqto -newly launched Bikes Rating Motorcycle Policy and Elite Motorcycle Policy- has got 5 stars.

4. Hastings Direct:

Hastings is one of the 10 largest motorcycle insurance companies in the UK – a very popular brand from a very well-known price comparison website. Because they exceed their policies, you know what you get. Their website offers two cycle completion levels: Hastings Direct and Hastings Premier. Both cover the EU 90 days, which includes every trip per trip abroad. The Premier Hastings defacto policy is given a 5-star ranking and includes a helmet, skin cover, and legislation covering £100,000.

5. Bennetts:

Bennetts is one of the leading British bicycle insurance brokers. They were established in 1930, so they have a long history and now insure over 200,000 motorcyclists in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As a standard, the policyholder gets 90-day EU cover, third-party cover for other bicycle rides, and 16 standard modifications (for example, chair change, gripper, screen change, etc.)-with As well as comprehensive key and lock cover policies. In addition, Bennett customers have access to discount track and VIP maintenance experiences in Isle of Man TT. We see a relatively high percentage of customers who leave 1-star reviews on Trustpilot (13%) compared to many other names on this list (e.g., LV = 2% and DeWitt and Bimoto scores 3%, all above) -tor).

6. Carole Nash:

Carol Nash is another cycling specialist providing covers for over 200,000 motorbikes and scooters in the UK and Ireland. Their comprehensive plan includes recovery of accidents and damages, legal costs of up to £100,000, and signs of DNA theft+ (£30) protection as standard. As a specialist, they can cater to commuters, off-road, superbike, multi-bike, and classic bicycle covers. Those who are looking to ensure cars can take advantage of their 6-branch insurance for bicycles and cars and save up to £100. Their list of worms crunches includes age, ers, highway insurers, Aviva, AXA, Markestdi, Genith, and Allianz.


Lakesham is a specialist motorcycle broker representing profitable customer service and some of the lowest rates for young motorcyclists and drivers. They ended up being the cheapest in our study of cheap motorcycle insurance for kids ages 17 to 19. Thanks to the low rates, easy renewal process, and customer-focused service team, Lexham Motorcycle Insurance has a lot of positive customer reviews.




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